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APC’ll Transform Nigeria – Sen. Tinubu

Senator Oluremi Tinubu represents Lagos Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly. In this in­terview with Journalists in Lagos, the Senator speaks on her second term re-election and the APC’s government plans to transform Nigeria. Kwasu Al­hamdu was there. Excerpts…

How do you feel like going back to the Senate for a second time?


I think this is the glorious way to go back to the senate and if you recall, I once said that if we do not have power at the center (Fed­eral level) I don’t think I should go back. Don’t you see that it is a glorious joy to me that I’m going back again? I’m looking forward to a government that will trans­form the concept of this country. Now that APC would be in gov­ernment, infrastructure, security, education, social welfare would not be taken for granted. But you see, it would take the effort of ev­eryone in Nigeria to support this new administration. You know, what we inherited has been cor­ruption. So, this is not the govern­ment people wanted and you can see how people voted for the APC. Buhari is ready to rebuild Nige­ria and you can see how many states APC has won. That tells you that people are tired of what we got into for the past 16 years.

What Nigerians should ex­pect from the incoming gov­ernment?

We are looking forward to re­building Nigeria in every seg­ment. We would go through a gen­eral overhauling. We are going to overhaul every segment from power sector, healthcare sector and infrastructural development. Education would be given a top priority. To every Nigerian, you have to be patient with this new government coming in because they are not the people who turned this country into what it is today. 16 years of the PDP government has been bad. We as senators are ready to work. I be­lieve that general Buhari is ready to work. Our governors are ready work. You have seen what we’ve done in APC. You’ve see some of our governors are re-elected because of their performances. We are ready to work and people should cooperate with us. People should learn to be fair to us when this new administration com­mences activities. What is meant for one person should be given to that person. You don’t have to take a portion and keep it for another. We have to learn how to make sacrifices.

How would the next battle be like?

It has never been battle for me. Anything that has to do with battle is a sin. For me, its either I contest for senate seat or not. But for now, I’ve won and I will wait for God to decide.

What are your plans for the second time?

I will still continue with my programmes. If you’ve been to my town hall meetings, I always say, by God’s willing, all the pro­grammes they want, I will do them. And I’ve decided not to stop but to continue. Some of these programmes such as the scholar­ship scheme would continue. Mrs Buhari was at the last town hall meeting and she said I have to continue. She thanked me on be­half of all those that received the gifts. So, we are going to look at it and look at it in more critical way for people to be more engaged. We also have to train our children to show gratitude when ever any­body extends the hand of fellow­ship or provided welfare to them.

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