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APC wins Kwara

The Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has defeated the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, President Goodluck Jonathan, in Saturday’s presidential election Kwara State.

According to the results from the 16 local government areas of the state collated on Monday morning and anchored by the state Returning Officer, Prof. Musbau Akanji, Buhari polled 302,146 votes to defeat Jonathan who garnered 132,602 votes.

Akanji who is also the Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, said 1,181,032 electorate registered
in the state.

He added that 489,360 voters were accredited while 461,401 voted.

According to him, there were 440,080 valid votes and 21,321 invalid votes.

Kwara: Presidential election results: LGAs:
1. Asa: APC:17,455; PDP: 7,427.
2. Edu: APC:24,335; PDP: 9,262.
3. Ekiti: APC:4,952; PDP:4,983.
4. Isin: APC: 4,658; PDP:4,635.
5. Patigi LG; APC:16,044; PDP:5,315.
6. Offa LG; APC:22,233; PDP:4,496.
7. Oke-Ero LG; APC: 4970; PDP: 5,260.
8. Ilorin East LG; APC:28,111; PDP: 12,756.
9. Ilorin South LG; APC: 26,348; PDP: 12,209.
10. Ilorin West: APC: 58,145; PDP: 21,573.
11. Oyun: APC: 9,389; PDP: 5,877.
12. Ifelodun: APC: 20,414; PDP: 10,826.
13. Irepodun: APC: 13,265; PDP: 8,062.
14. Kaiama: APC; 15,468; PDP 8,854
15. Moro: APC 15,311; PDP 8,901
16. Baruteen APC 21,048; PDP8,854

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