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APC hopeful of Buhari’s victory, as controversy trails alleged adoption of DCP in Bayelsa

Akam James, Yenagoa

The leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC), and the APC Presidential elections State Returning Officer in Bayelsa state, Chief Timipre Sylva, said President Buhari will not lose the ongoing collation of the just concluded presidential elections in the country. He noted that the results from areas where elections were held in the state show that Buhari was the choice of the people of Bayelsa state. Sylva, reiterated that President Buhari did very well in places where the people were allowed to vote for their preferred candidate, except areas where materials were hijacked and the people militarized by thugs loyal to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He made his position known on Monday in a press conference at the Buhari/Osibanjo campaign office in Yenagoa the state capital. He also used the medium to call on the president to fully investigate the alleged killings of APC party supporter who came out on election day to exercise his franchise but was killed in cold murder by the PDP thugs sponsored by the state government, adding that the killings in the state were too much so it’s time to seek justice for the victims of the election violence. Clearly, DCP Okunlola was performing extra-police duties and issuing illegal orders when voters acting in defence of their votes resisted him. Even the Nigeria Police have admitted that he was not kidnapped. Indeed, it is impossible for unarmed men to abduct a senior police officer in the presence of armed mobile policemen and regular policemen. In Bassambiri-Nembe, the PDP wanted to use their usual commando-style of politics to compromise the elections but they failed lamentably. Voting took place in all the seven wards. Results were collated, and the APC did very well there. No political party or politician will seek to perpetrate violence in its stronghold or area where it is winning.  In a reaction, the party in the state through the state publicity secretary, Mr. Dofie Buokoribo, said Dickson’s goal in shouting “violence” was to mask his own terror and lawlessness towards the polls.  The governor has since followed this up on Sunday with wild and unsubstantiated allegations against the Nigerian Army, the APC and its leadership, among others. Dickson specifically excoriated former Bayelsa State Governor and APC leader, Chief Timipre Sylva. In Dickson’s court, Sylva and APC stalwarts are guilty of hijacking of electoral materials, killings – and even terrorism. Expectedly, the media has been awash with reports of “violence” by APC in parts of the state, particularly Twon-Brass and Bassambiri-Nembe. We reiterate that the APC in Bayelsa State and its leadership had nothing whatsoever to do violence during last Saturday’s elections. Governor Dickson and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should be held responsible. On the alleged adoption of police officer, the party said, “The Caretaker chairman of Brass, Victor Isaiah, stormed INEC Collation Centre with a bus load of thugs, rents the air with war chants. Mrs. Marie Ebikake, the PDP candidate for Brass/Nembe Federal House of Representatives, accompanied Isaiah. They went into the collation room with the intent to stop the collation and announcement of results. “Twon-Brass is the senatorial headquarters for Bayelsa East Senatorial district, and all election results from the area should be collated and announced in Twon-Brass and not Yenagoa where Victor Isaiah and Jonathan Obuebite (Bayelsa State Commissioner for Education), in connivance with the Nigerian Police, attempted to cart away election results. “Victor Isaiah, in the first instance had no business being inside the INEC collation office, as he was not a party agent. Nevertheless, he stormed the INEC Collation Centre with thugs to prevent the collation of results. His first attempt to prevent collation of results failed as he was ordered to leave the Collation Centre. “Marie Ebikake tried to protest the results from Bassambiri-Nembe, insisting there was no election, this was countered by the INEC collation officer who insisted there was, and her PDP agent endorsed the Bassambiri-Nembe result. Marie Ebikake announced her intention to protest the result through a petition. “As a candidate, Marie Ebikake wasn’t supposed to be in the collation room, but she appeared there twice trying to prevent the collation and announcement Bassambiri-Nembe result.

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