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APC Group to Sylva, Make peace with Aganaba


A group in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), United Democratic Front, has called on the former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva, to make peace with a Senatorial candidate of the party in the last election, Engr. Preye Aganaba, instead of waging social media war against him.

A statement signed in Abuja by the coordinator of the group, Tellanyo Ikoko, indicated that Engr. Aganaba has contributed immensely to the formation and election victory of the APC.

His words: “Aganaba is a man who proudly represented his party and gave his best for the election of Buhari, that should be the important thing.

“Sylva contested for national chairmanship of the APC and lost, ran for the senate and lost to Ben Bruce, a man whom  he christened a ‘white man’, a man who entered Bayelsa State for the first time during that election, and finally he lost the governorship elections in a landslide to a very unpopular governor.

“As governor, he was stoned by his own people before former President Goodluck Jonathan removed him very easily from office. With these, he lacks the moral patronage to accuse anyone of desperation and if he does, it goes to show his deep seated frustration and desperation”, he added.

The group called on the former governor and his group to eschew “some of their present attributes and sue for forgiveness and peace.

“From experience they should know this path only leads to political humiliation. We urge the general public to appreciate the words and actions of these group of people with a discerning eye”, he added.

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