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Apaye: Desmond Elliot Loses the Sparke

Directed by Desmond Elliot, Apaye opens with the documentation of the life of Yepayeye, taking viewers from her birth through to her very turbulent journey in life The film depicts how she braves several odds such as adoption, poverty, spousal infidelity, physical abuse and single parenthood on her way to becoming a social icon. Apaye shows the life of the central character, Yepayeye Uriah-Dieah, a mother of six who is no good that her husband abandoned her for a small girl. She is left with six children to cater for.
Aside from the storyline and praiseworthy production design, the movie is well depicted from the various acting efforts on display by the actors and use of the appropriate props. Although the movie set out to portray a true life story from the Niger Delta creeks, it however shows the lack thereof of, perhaps the director or the person in charge of makeup, directorial or makeup skills.
For instance, actor Kanayo 0. Kanayo attempts to provide some energy in the interpretation of his role but his good work is relatively undone by his refusal to age as much as his character should have, during the course of the film. The same energy and vibe with which he started as a middle-aged man is what he carries on as years roll by and up until his elimination from the story.
Apaye is a carelessly written piece which shows very little job done in researching a great woman’s life and does poorly in giving a relevant biopic to the now late woman. There were irrelevant scenes, such as the scene from the forest where very young Apaye was humming a tune and meets a woman who disappears. Apaye doesn’t show any element of surprise, she just keeps walking on and singing. The scene suddenly gets transformed to a church with a choir singing the tune being hummed in the forest.
It is important to bring to the notice of the reader that the movie Apaye is the story of Elder Irene Yepayeye Uriah-Dieah, who was a relative of President Goodluck Jonathan in real life.
On the whole, the biopic stretches the truth, showcasing western outlaw, a criminal, a great musical composer, a war-time military hero, the pains of a woman and six children,
My verdict, just there!! it I score it 5/10


Assistant director: Niyi Akinmolaran
Written by: Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Kehinde Joseph and Vivian Chiji.
Produced by: Emem Isong.
Cast: Clarion Chukwurah, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Belinda Effah, Mbong Amata, and Millicent Jack.
Running time: 110minutes

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