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ANN to Nigerians: Beware of Atiku and his promises

The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) has said that the so called mega parties in the country are one and the same and can at best be described as different sides of a bad coin, urging Nigerians not to look towards them if indeed they have a desire for a better nation.
Whilst reviewing the process that it said has brought Nigeria to its knees and how the priced assets of Nigeria have been sold at different times to a few Nigerians at the detriment of the majority of Nigerians, the party in a statement signed by the Director General of the ANN 2019 Presidential Campaign, Mr Lanre Oyegbola noted that NigerDock was once the largest ship fabrication yard in West Africa sub region when it was sold to Atiku’s preferred bidder, ‘Global Energy’.
ANN argued that though the preferred bidder agreed to increase NigerDock’s workforce from 4,800 to 6,000 as part of the privatisation agreement, it however dismissed 2,200 immediately it took ownership. Jagal Group that took over after Global Energy lost out on power play also sacked 1,400.
“In the same manner the so called reform of the Nigeria Ports Authority reform was purely aimed at grabbing the landed properties. The NPA properties consisting of 68 properties in Apapa, 28 houses in Ikoyi were the target as they claimed to reform the port that today we all can see and be witness of the pitiable situation the port is and the level of resource waste that goes on due to the non functioning port.
“Yet the mega parties who have had actors at different times in destroying the port can debate about how the port is either not working or not doing enough whilst their principal was the chief of the plunders and gainers of the properties.”
Oyegbola further argued that, “when they destroyed the Nigeria Railway in 2007 when Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was leaving in 2007, their party did not only leave a huge unpaid N5 Billion Railway pension arrears, they also sacked a total of 8,260 railway workers between 2005 and 2006 without compensation, and now they have come with lies of privatising or reforming the NNPC to create more jobs and all.”
Warning Nigerians to be weary of promises of people with record of not keeping their words, the ANN Presidential Campaign DG said, “Let’s we forget that like the port and railways, Atiku also supervised the selling of many other assets of Nigeria and all were sold with the intention of making them work better and create opportunities for all, but it was all a lie, just like his running mate lied so much during the debate quoting figures that were at best falsehood and without any empirical backing.
“They sold Nigeria in the past and made it so poor even it’s so blessed. Now they’re are back to sell what’s left of Nigeria, and chief amongst them is the NNPC.”

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