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Here is an Android App that allows you to pay, receive & cash airtime for free

It is now possible to pay with airtime, receive payment with airtime and cash the airtime using the AirtimeCash app which can be found on the Google play store for free. AirtimeCash relies on advert revenue to fund its operations so there are no transaction fees except withdrawals through certain chanmels. I am going to use screenshots to describe how it works .


And after opening the App, it takes you to the registration page where you register and then it takes you to the AirtimeCash marketplace….


You will notice you have “Order Token Balance”, “Account Balance” and “in Transaction balance”. For fresh accounts, Order Tokens Balance is 1000. This is required to buy or sell airtime in the marketplace and they are free.

Account balance is the free airtime funds you have deposited or received from others. With that, you can buy or sell airtime in the marketplace. You need a funded account to sell, because AirtimeCash puts 20% value of the airtime you want to sell in escrow ( ” In-Transaction Balance”wink, so the seller cannot afford to abandon the transaction because the consequence is that the 20% would be lost .

How come this fresh install is funded? AirtimeCash remembers users even if they uninstall and reinstall the app – which is what was done in this case.

So now you can scroll down to the market where the highest you can sell any network’s airtime is at 10% discount. This is the only way to attract buyers.

But if you want to jump the order queue, you can offer to sell for 15-50% discount. It depends on how desperate you are and what you are willing to part with to monetise your airtime

Now when you list your airtime for sale, a notification goes out to all users, informing them of your offer..notice the AirtimeCash notification icon in the screenshot below.


when you click on the notification, it takes you to the Updates section where all messages received are logged for your records . The date and time the message was received is also appended to each message


You can share the app with friends and business associates which you want to take advantage of the apps features..

You can also read the about section of the app.

..The app also has a built-in Caller ID feature that works like the popular “TrueCaller” you actually get two apps for the cost of one download.

The Caller ID settings are fully customisable.

And there is a chat facility to connect users with a human to resolve issues or ask questions.

So back to the marketplace, you can see the level of demand and supply of each network’s airtime. The most recent transaction gives an idea of current market value and you can accept buy offers (sell to them) or sell offers (buy from them) by clicking on the offer price links. The transaction will execute, provided you have order tokens and free funds.

To receive an airtime payment (only Etisalat airtime for now), you need to have an AirtimeCash Pay ID
you get that from the link at the bottom of the screenshot below..

That link takes you to ….


Click on the bottom link and you get…

Re: Finally, Android App To Pay With, Receive & Cash Airtime For Free by IseOluwa777(m): 8:14pm On Jul 02

For the airtime transfer example in the above picture, it really should be something like


the decimal allocated is what actually routes the transfer to your account. You get a payment notification on successful transfer to you. The left part of the PayID is the phone number to transfer to that routes the airtime transfer payment to you.

To withdraw funds, click on the withdraw funds link in the home screen and takes you to the screen below, that has withdrawal instructions.

So that’s it. Explore and enjoy.



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