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An Agenda for President-Elect Buhariemi I

Miracles neither come easy nor cheap – as a general rule. Dislodging an entrenched government is as symbolically herculean as depriving the palm kernel of its seed. That progressive forces intent on change have finally routed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDPP after 16 years of democratic rule, is a miracle of superlative proportions.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has coasted to victory in the presidential poll on the wings of the mandate of the generality of Nigerians.

A similar victory was almost recorded 22 years ago on June 12. But Mephistophelean forces aborted it. Now it has happened. What next? President Muhammadu Buhari’s second coming is Nigeria’s last chance at forging a united nation. Should President Buhari fail to tackle and solve these age-old impediments to true unity, his government will fail – unfailingly:


Nigeria’s first and worst enemy is treachery/injustice craftily incorporated into the new Nigerian nation from inception by colonial forces. Nigeria was presented as a gift to the North behind the backs of fellow nationalists from the South. Thus, British colonial officers like Harold Smith, were directed to manipulate the elections to ensure Power went to the North and – if possible – stays there perpetually.

This conspiracy emboldened the then Sadauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, to declare in an interview with the Parrot Magazine, just 11 days after independence on October 11, 1960:

“This new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power, use the northern minorities as willing tools and the South as conquered territory and never allow them have control over their destiny/future.”

That mindset survives in the North till today. It was manifested in the June 12 saga through the annulment of the mandate freely given to an illustrious Southerner, Chief M.K.O Abiola. Abiola’s attempt to resist the hegemonists cost him his life. The mindset again played out when President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua died in office; and rather than let his vice, Goodluck Jonathan, a southerner take over, northern hegemonists began a most ignoble game of hide-and-seek with the corpse of the late president – just so that Jonathan would not get to rule Nigeria.

We delude ourselves and postpone the evil days if we fail to face and tackle these diabolic factors which makes some persons in Nigeria brand themselves as “Born to rule”.

Trust can’t coexist with treachery.

Educate the North

Colonial powers and the elite of the North colluded to keep the masses of the North uneducated. This was a ploy by the northern elite to make their own people easy tools of manipulation to serve the interests of the minority elite. According to Chief Richard Akinjide in his book “Path to Nigeria’s Democracy”, the slogan among the British colonialists then was “Educate the North and lose Nigeria.” The educated South constituted a challenge to the colonialists which they did not want duplicated in the North.

The evil plot worked.

Today the darkest minds in Nigeria, unilluminated by any ray of modern education, are found in the North. The most glaring evidence of this is “Boko Haram” (Western education is abomination) which easily found roots and fertile ground in the teeming masses of the illiterate North.

Can the rest of Nigeria ever forget, even if willing to forgive, the periodic mass slaughter of other Nigerians by the misguided horde of northern almajiri and other fanatics?

Can other Nigerians forget the mindless slaughter of fellow Nigerians, including women and babies – by rampaging Fulani herdsmen?

The Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang has kept complaining that perpetrators of the slaughter are never prosecuted. Rather, they are spirited away from the reach of the law of the land to Abuja and set free. Nigeria can never survive under the best president in the world if this horde of misguided and illegally armed anarchists are treated as sacred cows?

It is instructive that Goodluck Jonathan may have built more almajiri schools than all past Nigerian leaders of northern extraction put together.

More federal effort should be made to educate the North – correctly.

Fight Corruption Corruption is rot. Rot is decay.

Decay reduces to the dust. Any nation or person that clasps corruption to its chest like precious gift is headed for perdition. Sadly, Nigeria is an example of how corruption can make citizens of a rich country wretched. Buhari has both the character and the reputation to stop it. Despite Buhari’s other shortcomings, he still towers above virtually all other aspiring leaders in integrity. He should live up to this reputation.

The 51 suitcases saga should not be repeated.

There are many Nigerians of integrity ready and willing to work with him. Old Tam David West is thankfully still alive – and possibly still available.

Oil theft must stop. He stopped it once; he can stop it again.

There are principalities and powers of darkness behind the power problem. Go after them. There can be no industrialisation with epileptic power. Deregulate power generation. Encourage and sponsor Independent Power Projects (IPP). Other countries have done it. Ghana over there has done it. Sai Baba, you can do it.

Be a good Muslim

When Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ran into trouble in Mecca, he sought safety among Christians of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). And he was accepted. And saved. The greatest act of worship to God is CARE FOR MAN. Islam enjoins us to respect all God’s messengers. And God’s messengers are found in all races of the world.

Like the APC has done, all true followers of Anobi Yisa, Anobi Mohammad (PBUH) and other anobi’s- including Orunmila, should be united in fashioning a better Nigeria. And there can only be a better Nigeria if there are better Nigerians. God has ordained you to lead Nigeria in this effort. Beware of the West Don’t trust the West “even when they bring gifts.” But don’t show it. Pretend to play along. I believe you are wise enough for that to be enough… May the forces of LIGHT guide your actions as you stir the ship of nation. Sai Baba!

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