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American based socialites buries father in style

It was a party and ceremony to behold last Saturday at NUD Primary School, Agbado,, Ogun State when socialites and some important celebrities from Donald Trump country (USA) stormed the gateway state for the burial of Oluwo Adeboye Oyesanya, a native of Iperu-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. Who during his life time was a practicing herbalist of repute with vast experience in Ifa and traditional medical practice for more than five decade

“He was loved by everybody, in fact I never knew how he was loved not until when I got US and see the way people eulogized him and when he died you knew to see the list of many important personalities that paid their tribute.

So I was not surprised when most of my friends in America and UK promised to storm Nigeria for the event which they have fulfilled despite the fact that the final burial is taken place in Ogun state my father was known for his astuteness and leadership abilities, high moral virtues, uprightness, truthfulness, humility, benevolence, reliability, timekeeping, patience, and love for everyone.

Ajibade Alabi

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