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All You Need to Know about Wall Decors

It can be boring to have a room with plain walls. Wall décor is important to any apartment’s decorating effort. Wall décor is what makes the walls of your home or office look and have a personalized touch. Just as furniture is important so also are the items you use on your walls, as well as their placement and arrangement. By using wall decorative items,  you add style and personality to your home. Give your space a new look with the right wall décor items.

There are a number of options to consider when it comes to wall décor ideas.

Paintings and flat art work: Flat art work like paintings is what first comes to mind when you think about wall décor. There are a variety of flat art work that suits just about any style. From framed black-and-white prints to colourful textured canvases, flat art work add life to boring walls.

Family photos and other personal items: Your photos on the wall are a reminder of your favourite people, fun places visited, and more favourite things. A lot of times, pictures become part of an apartment’s wall décor when framed and hung. Apart from photos, trophies and other sentimental items can be displayed.

Mirrors, clocks and other functional items: There are items we hang on the wall that are decorative as well as functional. Mirrors and clocks are typical examples. Decorative mirrors hung on the wall make an apartment look bigger. Wall mounted television and accent lighting are good examples of functional wall décor.

Shelving and scones: Use shelves to store or display different items like books, compact discs, candles and other items. Shelves come in different styles to match your apartment’s décor. If you hang multiple shelves on your walls you can line them up vertically, or place them in different ways to add some creativity to their arrangement.
Sconces are nice. They add a good touch to wall décor by providing a small ledge for a light or votive. You can use sconces to house small plants and decorative items.

Sculptures and other 3-D art work: A three dimensional art work on your wall can attract compliments and serve as a focal point of a room.

Wallpapers, boarders and appliques: Putting up wallpaper can create patterns and add multiple colours to a wall that paint can’t do.
Borders are like wall papers but on a smaller scale and can add a nice touch to a nursery or kitchen, to bring life and a theme to a nursery.
Appliques are images or letters that you can stick on your wall and can easily be taken off whenever you want. You can hang an appliqué of anything that catches your fancy.


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