Alibaba aires his views on ‘colleagues who used his jokes to climb’ complain that young comedians do the same

Ace comedian Alibaba speaks on the need to help others wholeheartedly and how the circle should continue with any restraint. According to him:


“When you help someone light their own candle with yours, you stop being a candle, you become a source. Because that person will go on to light another’s and the Chain continues.
Most times I look at the people I have helped to light their candles, to see how much they also have done for others… that’s how I rate their success. The parable of the talents comes to mind. What have you done with the help you got? #HuYuHep? I marvel sometimes when colleagues that used my jokes to climb complain that these young comedians are using their jokes… hey!!!! deal with it. I let you. Let them. In fact that is how you get better. They take… you make. They take another one, you make another one. Even more. That’s how to remain relevant and ever green.”

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