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Airstrikes Continue in Yemen Ahead of Ceasefire

Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition continued airstrikes against Houthi rebel targets in Yemen Monday, a day before a humanitarian cease-fire is due to go into effect.

The jets bombed the Saada region near the Saudi border, as well as Taiz in southwestern Yemen and the oil-producing Marib province in the east.

Saudi and U.S. officials announced the cease-fire proposal last week to allow badly needed food, fuel and medicine to reach civilians in Yemen.  The Houthis said Sunday they had accepted the plan, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Morocco’s military said Monday it was investigating what happened to one of its F-16 jets that disappeared while taking part in the Saudi-led air campaign.

In a statement carried by the state media, the military said the jet was last seen Sunday evening and that a pilot from another jet in the same squadron did not see the pilot eject.

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