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Air Peace gets 3rd Boeing 777 aircraft, to provide 1,500 jobs

Chukwuemeke Iwelunmo

Air Peace has taken delivery of its 3rd Boeing 777 aircraft, setting the stage for the airline to commence its international operations.

The latest Air Peace aircraft marked 5N-BWI and named ‘Anuli Peggy Onyema’ arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at about 3:20 pm Wednesday, attracting the joyful ovation of aviation authorities and airline workers.

Speaking on its recent achievement, Air Peace Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Mr Allen Onyema stated that the newly acquired aircraft will create 1500 jobs speculating that every Nigerian who is working feeds about another 12 Nigerians.

“So, if I am going to employ 1,500 Nigerians because of the entry of this aircraft, it means this aircraft will be feeding 1,500 multiplied by 12 people daily. This airline is the biggest, not only in Nigeria but entire West Africa. This airline is respected worldwide.” He said

Reiterating on the Aim of setting up the Airline, Onyema said “I set up Air Peace in order to create jobs in a country with so much potential yet nothing to show for it.

I and my wife just created this to give back to society. And that is very evident in the way we are running Air Peace. This particular aircraft will create at least another 1,500 jobs.

And I want people to look at the potential, the number of families… Every Nigerian who is working takes care of about another 12 Nigerians.

“In Air Peace, you have over 3,000 direct workers. We’ve created about 9,000 ancillary jobs in just four years of our operations.

All we need is the continued support of the press, the government and the people of Nigeria. A lot of people are saying Nigerian airlines are poor, they are indebted, they don’t have integrity.

Air Peace has integrity. All the banks in Nigeria want to work with Air Peace because of our integrity.

All the banks outside Nigeria are looking towards Air Peace. They see Air Peace as an emerging force out of Africa and everybody wants to support it”, he said.

However, He addressed claims that Air Peace was merely acquiring and parking wide-body aircraft at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, saying the airline was strategically increasing the number of aircraft to be deployed for its long-haul operations to ensure quick and efficient recovery when any of the aircraft was out of service.

He insisted that the airline had earned the respect of financial organisations and other critical stakeholders in the global aviation industry, assuring that the entry of the new aircraft would create more jobs for Nigerians and others.

“I don’t think Air Peace is parking aircraft for fun. We brought in these aircraft to use them. We want to do this country very proud. We want to make every Nigerian proud of their own.

Both the government and the people of Nigeria have been complaining that there has never been any successful Nigerian airline.

This is one airline out of Africa trying to do something different. All we need at this point in time is the support of everyone – both the government and people of Nigeria.