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AGN Crisis: Emeka Ike Seeks to Be AGN's Account Signatory


There is so much drama in the AGN. According to reports, Emeka Ike has penned a letter to the official bank of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria, Diamond Bank seeking to be the only signatory to the guild’s account.

The report claims that the former president of the AGN is using the controversial court order which dethroned Ibinabor Fiberesima- Egbuka as the AGN president to as a backdrop to be the signatory to the AGN account. He is telling the bank that he is guild’s reinstated president.

There is so much confusion in the AGN right now because just some weeks ago, Ibinabor and her executives claimed that Paul Obazele and Frank Dallas tried using thugs to take over the Guild Secretariat but were overpowered.

Besides, immediately after the controversial court ruling, the AGN released a press statement saying that Ibinabor is still the president of the guild and further stated that the case would be appealed.

However, despite removal of Ibinabor, the court never reinstated anybody as the president, so who can we say it the AGN president?

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