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Afrobeat is the new music culture in Europe –D-Large

Solomon Onyebuchi Nwosu better known as ‘’D Large’’ is one of the few top cats flying the Afrobeat flag high across various cities in Europe. The well-rounded rapper cum singer is no newbie in the Nigerian music landscape. In this chat he let us into his musical odyssey, his vision about becoming the toast of Nigerian music industry in few months to come. Excerpts:

Can you give us a sneak peek into your journey as a Musician?
It’s been a tough journey with lots of hardwork being put in place so far, I have dropped a couple of songs and videos in the past such as Obuchukwu, Meet Up, Dance For Me, Turn Me On in the past but here I am now with afresh one for my fans titled “Badda” and it’s been blowing up the airwaves like a cyclone.

When did you start doing music professionally?
I can’t say precisely when it actually started; music has been part of my life.  It’s just like a lifestyle to me. Have been rolling with musicians right from childhood, the likes of 2much (who manages Duncan Mighty at the moment), Roughhouse Crew to mention a few. I started out back in Rivers State Polytechnic campus mimicking Wyclef Jean; I studied Auto-Mechanical Engineering.

You studied Auto-Mechanical Engineering, why music over what you are trained for in the polytechnic?
Music like I said earlier is a lifestyle thing to me so my love for it supersedes any other field of human endeavors, to be honest, I took this music thing more serious when I got to Europe and I was really doing fine flying the Afrobeat flag high in the beautiful city of Belgium but it was necessary I come back home for me to break into the bigger market and to reach out to my roots. Like they say, charity begins at home.

How big is Afrobeat there in Europe?
Afrobeat right now is topping the charts, there used to be major focus on American sounds but there is a paradigm shift at the moment, people like me have been spreading the gospel of Afrobeat and they love us for it. For now, I can say Afrobeat is the new music culture in Europe.

So how far you have gone doing music in Nigeria and overseas?
I have been performing all over Europe and have won several awards that I can’t even remember all. I have been the opening acts for many African Artist that came to perform in Amsterdam such as Patoranking, Duncan Mighty and so many other ones.

How would you describe your sound?
I used to be a fulltime hip hop head but right now, I do more of Afro pop with a fusion of hi-life and western sound.

What advice do you have for young ones out there who wish to become a part of the music industry?
First of all, you need to focus on your studies, get that basic education because it is very important when it comes to navigating the turbulent waters of this music industry.

The entertainment industry is not like a tea party, many young ones out there only see the glamorous side of the industry. You need to be very humble, master your craft, learn from those before you and respect them.

Above all, you need to develop a very large heart and a thick skin because many people are going to use you, betray you, take advantage of you but you just have to learn how to take things in your stride.

Put up a proper team (You can start with friends and family who are passionate about your craft and the music industry) then try get yourself where things are happening and showcase your talent. You never know who is watching.

If you are lucky, a well-connected music manager might develop interest in you and help you get signed to a record label. Study the industry deeply otherwise, you will just keep running in circles.

It’s obvious you are talking from experience.
Yes o! (Giggles deeply) Dem don show me pepper for this industry!! It’s not easy being an independent artiste. That is one of the reasons I have been off and on in the music industry, I have been duped many times but it’s a lifestyle, I just can’t let go.

Is there an album or a mixtape in the pipeline?
I have got so many songs recorded so far and am still recording but I am yet to put a timeline to dropping an album yet, let the industry feel more of my vibe then I and my team will decide when to drop an album. If we are talking about songs, I have got a whole lot of them that are yet to be released.

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