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Adeleke Victor Matanmi – on Taking over the Music Scene "I Was Tense, First Time on Stage"

He is only 24 but already poised to take over in the music scene. From Ogun State, the 24 year old graduate of Industrial and Labour Relations from Olabisi Onabanjo University, who goes by the stage name, Brain, speaks on his passion for music and what makes him tick.


What have you been up to?
I have been working and recording songs as well as pushing it out for public awareness. I am also trying to get myself out there more.

What single do you have currently now?
I just released a new single called Gara right now, but I am planning to drop another titled Ileke. The Ileke single is my own way of connecting to the ladies out there and appreciating their keen support all through my sojourn into the music business.

What was growing up like for you like, do you recall any fond childhood memories?
Growing up was fun. It was odd but fun. I came from a very humble family, my father and mother tried to give us the best we could have. We were always indoors because my parents were scared of us mixing with other kids and as such wanted us to avoid peer pressure. There was a time my brother and I had a chance to step outside of our comfort zone when our parents weren’t. We played with other kids who were rolling tyres on the street. On our way back home, we saw our grandmother at the balcony, waiting for us. Of course that meant trouble. She signalled for us to come up and when we did, she beat the living day light out of us and ever since then, we dared not try to go out without permission again. Be that as it may, we had the best elementary education. We went to the best schools around and presently, we are all doing them proud in all ramifications.

How did music start for you?
It started from listening to a lot of music. My father plays music a lot, he is a music lover. Unconsciously I started loving music and in my own spare time I look for the latest song to listen to and sing alone. After a while I started singing in class to popular songs and people actually loved listening to me singing when they come around. I started loving it. After a while I started to write my own songs and the love for taking it up professionally just grew from there. Then I met a couple of guys who were rappers and we decided to come together to do stuffs as a group and from that moment, I knew I was going to be a musician.

How did you come about the stage name Brain?
The name Brain was born out of the fact that I realised that most of the songs we come forth with is as a result of a lot of thinking. I task my brain. I had earlier decided that whenever I was ready to take music fulltime, I will look for a name that is unique and that was how the name was born.  I am also of the view point that if your brain defines the music and the music defines you then the brain defines you automatically

What has been the reception since you started?
 It’s been wonderful. It’s actually been one of the things that has kept me going. Because everywhere I go and people see me do my thing, the acceptance is always awesome. I know that people love it so I just keep doing my thing.

Which music label are you currently signed on to?
Magikal Entertainment artiste

What was your first experience on stage like?
My first experience on stage was frightening. I had so many things popping up in my brain, I was going to face a huge audience, and I wondered if they will like my music.  When I eventually got on stage, I almost lost my voice because I was totally blank for some moment but after some minutes, I got back my courage and sang. I realised that the audience loved my performance. I was fulfilled that night.

Were you parents in support of your music career?
 Not totally. They weren’t in objection like that though but there was no support in any way for my music. They didn’t say plainly that I shouldn’t do it. It gradually came to their notice. I am a very quiet person so they usually don’t know what I am doing aside schooling. But after a while they started noticing me writing something’s in a book, singing to myself etc. They knew I was singing but they didn’t object. They didn’t support me financially. As far as I was going to school there was no objection. But they have been supportive seeing that I am making progress and appearing on television.

Where do you see yourself musically in the nearest future?
I see brain taking over Africa and not just Nigeria but beyond the shores of the continent. I want to be the kind of person that does music that touches lives, music that relates to things happening in the country, music that helps to build nations.

What differentiates your music from others?
I am original and true to myself. My voice texture is second to none. The way I rap brings out the uniqueness in me. I am diversified in the sense that I can do a blend of reggae, RNB and hip-hop and still make a whole lot of sense.

What drives you?
First of all, God and the fact that what I have is a talent given to me by Him. That talent is meant to be an instrument to touch lives. So I don’t see myself doing anything else besides music and I am ready to go all the way to touch lives with my music. Life is not a bed of roses and tears of thorns, it is simply a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. You can’t eat your cake and have it.

Now that you are fast becoming popular, how have you been coping with the female fans?
I try as much as possible to be nice to everyone because as you know, it’s the female folks that constitute most of male artiste’s fan base, so you can’t ignore them. I know where and when to draw the lines.


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