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Acheme debuts with Who is Jesus

Ramson Acheme is neither a pastor nor a seer, but an investigative researcher he must certainly be. He notices what others would not have noticed, take interest in what many will simply ignore, and dig into it. These qualities were what made his friends call him ‘Young Prof’ while in Core Television, a privately own TV, where he worked as a presenter and reporter.
Driven by this sheer investigative mind to unravel what others see as difficult topics, Acheme, a humanitarian since his teenaged years, emerges with Who is Jesus, a book that x-rays the Christology of Christ. Acheme may not be a scholar of the higher critics, but, he said the book could become one’s surest way of knowing who Jesus actually is.
The message of the book is that considering the work, death, resurrection and victory of Jesus Christ on earth, He is no doubt ‘from God. Although some Christian churches argue that there is no plurality of God, Acheme assert in the book that ‘He (Christ) is indeed the son of God and God Himself. “Appearing in human flesh does not mean Jesus cannot be God. After all, God as we know, can take any form whether in flesh or in the spirit’’, he wrote in the book.
The book with five chapters and 84 pages is a veritable teaching aid for those who may like to know more about the Christ.
The opening chapter of the book entitled: Why is Jesus Important to Us?, Acheme points out why He is important to humanity.
In the second chapter entitled The Birth of Jesus, the writer further expresses his belief that everything about Jesus has a proof and was done in accordance with God’s plan.
The third chapter entitled What Did Jesus Do?, takes the reader through some of the great miracles that Christ performed while on earth. Outlining these, Acheme wrote “Aside from teaching and healing the sick, Jesus performed some extraordinary signs. By observing these miracles closely, we will discover He is a true savior.’’
 Other chapters in the book include, How Did Jesus Die?, The Death of Jesus, The Final Word. Acheme buttressed his point by quoting the Scripture to support his points. Jesus, who understood this said, “No prophet is accepted in his home town.” This marked the beginning of the plot to eliminate Jesus. They looked down upon him and despised him. Acheme also reveals how Christ was betrayed by his own disciple, “Judas Iscariot” with thirty silver coins and later arrested, maltreated and was laid on a trial by the Jewish leaders (Sanhedrin) for preaching against their tradition.
After the trial of Jesus, the Jews substituted Barabbas for Jesus and nailed him on the cross. By this, Jesus came and fulfilled his purpose on earth by shedding his blood on the Calvary to cleanse away all human  sins.
Acheme also showed how Jesus resurrected from the dead in three days as he has proclaimed,  how the guards went to report to the chief priests, everything that happened. “The guards who saw him rise and how the angel of God had rolled the stone away reported to the chief priests what they saw, yet the chief priests still tried to turn the whole story upside down. Even if a blind man hears the false testimony by the priests and guards, would he not query the guards sleeping on duty when they were to guard Jesus’ body”, Acheme stated.
“Humanity may be divided over who Jesus is, but does not change the fact about who Jesus is. What the prophets of old said about Him and what He said about Himself reveals clearly who He truly is,’’ wrote the author.
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