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69 Chemicals in Tobacco causes cancer

Research has shown that tobacco smoke contains no fewer than 69 toxic chemical that causes cancer, and other deadly diseases when inhalled.

The Programme officer, New Initiative For Social Development, (NISD) , Barrister Michael Olaniyan made the disclosure in Ado Ekiti during a day workshop for Leadership of higher institution in Ekiti State on the implementation & enforcement of Ekiti State Law on prohibiton of smoking in public places, organised by NISD with support from Campaign For Tobacco-Free kids (CTFK).

The programme which was organized to deepen and strengthen effective implementation of Ekiti law on prohibition of smoking in public places and increase compliance through monitoring and enforcement in the state had students representarives, Dean of students, and student counsellors from higher institutions in the in attendant.

According to Olaniyan, ” tobacco smoke is made up of some of the chemicals like; DDT, which is used as inseticide, Carbon monoxide that is used for exhaust in car and generator, Tar used for road surfaces, Formaldehyde whicg is the embalming fuid used in mortuary.

“Radon that is used as radioactive gas, Arsonic that is used for rat poison,.Hydrogen cyanide which are poison in gas chamber, and Armonia which is used as cleaning agent”

The university counselor, Afe Babalola University (ABUAD)  Dr. Mrs. Yemi Ojo disclosed that it has been discovered that most student do smoke in their hostel rooms on campuses and advised that students should be practically  involved in setting up up of task forces to monitor themselves on campuses, particularly in hostels to further deepen the compliances.

Earlier,  Oluwapamilerin, of   Babalola university  suggested that school management should introduce punishment for any one caught smoking on campus, while Akpomejevwe Oghenekevwe want government with concern to set up task forces that will monitor and catch offender on campus.

Respondind , the Director NISD, Mr Abiodun Oyeleye advised all school to set up it own anti-smoking in public places team at their various institutions of hihger learniing in the state and get the government and other concern NGO involved to ensure effective compliance of the anti-public smoking enforcement.

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