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6 things you may have missed from The Voice Nigeria Season 2

By Ese Grage

Concluding its 2nd Season, The Voice Nigeria has stamped its authority as Nigeria’s premier singing competition. With successful artists like Arese, Chike and Nonso who plays the sexy lovesick doctor on MNet’s Battle Ground, it is no wonder the show is very popular with aspiring singers.

This Season pitched a unique selection of Coaches and a bunch of Nigeria’s finest Vocalists against each other in a gruelling and demanding competition for 15 weeks. Audience members and viewers were treated to a rollercoaster ride with acts ranging from solo and team performances to special performances by the Coaches.

Here are 6 things you may have missed from the show.

DNA’s performance

For the grand finale naija teen pop sensation, DNA performed their new single “How Can” with a thrilling performance for viewers all over Africa. At the end of the performance however, The Voice Nigeria judges did not give the musical duo a standing ovation as is the norm for guest performances at such competitions. Maybe it was de javu or the judges haven’t gotten over the fact that DNA are The Voice Nigeria alumni. Surprising though because DNA is now a mainstream act.

The Coaches vs the Fantastic Four

We were all surprised by the turn of votes and the surprise evictions. However, when Wow, Jahtell and J’Dess were eliminated, the Coaches couldn’t hide their surprise. According to Waje, “if you follow wetin them they talk for social media, you go just drown”. The Coaches however refused to say more and not even the tenacious IK could get any of the judges to comment on the evictions. With all said and done, everyone agreed that the top four deserved the spot- what do you think?

J’Dess does the Ekwe

Sultry, petite and beautiful, J’Dess is the complete package. Armed with looks to kill and a voice to match, her performance of Onyeka Onwenu’s “Ekwe” was electrifying. At that point, I was almost certain she would make it to the top two, the combination of J’Dess and Ekwe resulted in a match made in heaven. Interestingly, Onyeka’s Ekwe has been a good luck charm for Talent show winners over the years.Top on the list are Chidinma from Project Fame and Omawunmi of West African Idols. The magic of Ekwe didn’t come through for J’Dess though as she didn’t even make it to the top four. Oops!

Stephanie Coker’s Gorgeous looks

At the first live show, viewers were surprised to see Steph dressed in a jumpsuit that could easily have been a lab coat or something from the hit series, Orange is The New Black prison scene. From week two though Steph came back strong, stunning week after week with her bespoke fashion pieces and innovative jewellery choices. In fact, her second outfit for the finale was extremely breath-taking.From the colour, to the cut and the length, all screaming perfection. Now there’s the Stephanie we all know and love.

Waje didn’t make the top two

So all the judges had a fighting chance in the top four with Wow (Waje), Syemca (Yemi), Ebube (Patoranking) and Idyl (Timi) but unlike season 1 where Waje’s protégée hit the home run, this year the women were knocked out after the top two were announced. The men really did step up their game from last year as the battle for the title was between Timi and Pato. We all know how that story ended, right?

Timi’s Victory and display of super strength

As soon as Idyl was announced as The Voice Nigeria season 2 winner, Timi, his coach jumped on stage to show his solidarity and in an unexpected turn on events, lifted Idyl on his back, walking around the stage with the newly minted super star. Now Idyl is not a small guy and we are guessing Timi was so pumped with adrenaline from his win that he found the strength to effortlessly lift Idyl off the ground and on his back for several minutes. How’s that back now Timi? Need a soothing ointment? Aboniki perhaps?

That’s all for now folks, the fun continues however. Connect with The Voice Nigeria on social media, and YouTube to playback those exciting moments and also catch behind the scene footage from the finale.

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