4 reasons Ghana should be your next travel destination

4 reasons Ghana should be your next travel destination

Ghana is arguably one of Africa’s true jewels, Mutiat Alli reports. Formerly called the Gold Coast, Ghana’s rich tradition means that it is truly one of the best places to visit in West Africa.

Throw in a growing tourism industry as well as an incredible energy about the capital Accra that makes it ideal for a getaway. 

Ghana is one accessible to Nigerians by road, and there are quite a number of transport companies which ply the Lagos-Accra route. For those who prefer to travel faster, the Kotoka International Airport in Accra is the gateway to Ghana.

Of course, citizens of West African countries do not need visas to visit Ghana but an ECOWAS passport is a requirement. 

Despite the ethnic diversity in Ghana, English language is widely spoken and communication is unlikely to be a problem regardless of the parts of Ghana you find yourself. What is likely to create some measure of confusion however, is the Ghanaian currency.

The 2007 redenomination changed the old Cedi and rates, most Ghanaians however, still think and calculate in terms of the old Cedi and this can be rather confusing.

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A tourist is likely to be spoilt for choice in Ghana as to places to visit because Ghana has a bit of everything. 

The beach

The Kokrobite and Winneba beaches are great places to relax, kick your feet up and enjoy some of that famed Ghanaian sun. It’s an added attraction that you get to watch fishermen at work while you’re catching up on your vacation.

Kokrobite Beach

The Volta Lake and Lake Bosumtwi are more inland if you’d prefer to be away from the beaches.

The park

The Kakum national park is reputed to be the perfect spot if you enjoy bird watching or other animals in the forest. If you want to catch the sight of big cats and elephants, the Mole National park is recommended. 

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Ghana’s rich history can easily be explored by visiting sites such as the WEB Du Bois centre, the Independence square as well as the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

The National Museum in the capital city of Accra is also great if you’re into history.

The market

The Kejetia market in Kumasi is reputed to be the largest market in West Africa and it is not without reason. With over 11,000 stalls, you’ll find yourself struggling to take it all in as every possible commodity is for sale here. 

Kejetia Market, Kumasi

Have you really been to Ghana if you didn’t have Banku? You should also try the Ghanaian Jollof rice, a delicacy that is an endless source of rivalry between the Ghanaians and their Nigerian neighbours.

Delicacies, restaurant and hotels

The local delicacy is nothing strange as it contains many familiar dishes. Fufu, plantains and a lot of rice based meals. 

The top picks of restaurants in Ghana are, Khana Khazana, where there is an offering of affordable Indian delicacies. La Chaumiere is a lot more upscale and grand with their posh interior and classical music. 

If you’re wondering where to stay in Ghana, the Golden Tulip Hotel, Polo Heights Hotel, Crystal hotels and Fiesta Residences are some of the best hotels in Accra.

Here are three fun facts about Ghana

  • The Volta River is the longest in Ghana.
  • Rich in Gold, it was formerly called the Gold Coast.
  • Ghana was the first sub Saharan country to gain Independence from the British.

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