3 Terrible things Oshiomhole said about Ize-Iyamu in the past

3 Terrible things Oshiomhole said about Ize-Iyamu in the past

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Former National Leader of the All Progressives’ Congress, Mr Adams Oshiomhole seems to be on the wrong side of history, following a resurfacing of past biting criticism he made about the character he now backs to oust Governor Godwin Obaseki from Office.

The former Edo State Governor has been the subject of intense criticism in the wake of his continued involvement in the upcoming Edo Gubernatorial elections, which has seen him make a U-turn to support the man he once publicly criticized.

As the rhetoric of this political imbroglio continues to spiral out, Daily Times takes a look at some of the noteworthy critical remarks made by Mr Adams Oshiomhole about the person of Ize Iyamu

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1 A well-known non performer

“I strongly recommend to PDP to make Pastor their gubernatorial candidate, because if they do, we can put any character, we will win, you’ll be testing a well-known non performer”

During an interview with Channels Television, Mr Oshiomhole is quoted to have labelled Ize Iyamu a “well known non performer”, it therefore comes as a shock to many Nigerians that Mr Oshiomhole has barefacedly opted to back Ize Iyamu, in spite of his vote of no confidence only a few years ago.

2. I deliberately kept him out of sensitive designations

“It is true we found ourselves in the region of politics working together, but I never gave him government job, I kept him busy, let him be holding midnight meeting which he is used to. Ask him him, since he was the DG (of my campaign organization), why did I not appoint him into government?”

During the interview, Mr Oshiomole was also quoted to have made claims about deliberately keeping Ize Iyamo out of sensitive designations due to his obvious incompetence. Four years down the line, Mr Oshiomole seems to be backhandedly recanting on his earlier comments

3. He can’t be trusted with public funds

 “We kept him away, nothing near government circle, no access to public fund”

The reverse seems to be the case at this time as Mr Oshiomole appears to have no misgivings about handing public coffers to the man who could not be trusted with public funds.

With the former Labour Leader intensely committed to micro-manage the State government from a remote distance, seemingly, at all costs, one may not help but ask the question as to what really constitutes, or who really encapsulates Mr Oshiomole’s political ideology, or has the man who was unfit to be entrusted with public funds only four years ago suddenly gained credibility?

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