2023: Governor Yahaya Bello’s presidential posters show up in Yola

By Tom Garba, Yola

In a form of awareness and intend to declare his interest in aspiring for the Presidential seat in 2023, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state poster has shown up in Yola.

The popular roundabout Mai Doki, Yola Adamawa state capital were seen posters of the Kogi State Governor Bello propagating and creating awareness for his presidential dream.

Our correspondent sighted a young Man pasting the posters with the inscription, “2023 Yahaya Bello for Generational Change, Yahaya Bello for President” said he will work for him because the youth need to be given a chance to rule this country.
Aliyu Makama who said is the Adamawa posters distribution, pasting, and billboard placements they will soon go for a tour throughout the twenty-one local government selling the agenda to give young men a chance to be leaders today not leaders of tomorrow.

He worried that Nigerians who are senior men and women in politics have bewitched the young one to dwell in a backyard of ageless vision without no purpose that children are leaders of tomorrow.

“Since we were born, we have grown up to see, know that same person we grow to see in power is still the same of people circulating the system. If there is any change at all is to bring their children on board to govern us.

” For how long can we continue this bad governance attitude? We must begin to do something to change the bad system, this is why Yaya is one of the young governors that we feel is better than anyone that will be nursing an ambition to be Governor if is above fifty-five years old.

‘Yahaya is an agenda for Youth, that’s why this project is a courtesy of Nigerian Youth awareness group 2023.” Makama said.

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