2019: Obasanjo, other politicians making scapegoats of Nigerian electorates, Monsgr Ukah


Humanitarian enthusiast and radical priest of the Catholic Liturgy, The Very Reverend Monsignor Livinus Ukah has reacted to the political storm in the country forcing past and present actors into making sharp moves to sustain their ambitions.

Speaking at a parley with journalists at his parish house, St. Alphonsus, Aboru, Ipaja in Lagos, the clergy man berated former President Olusegun Obasanjo and others for making scapegoats of the Nigerian electorate.

“With the level of rhetoric going on in the world politics today, politicians can pigeonhole God into our own way of thinking to create chaotic indecision among mobs at political rallies, campaigns and other public functions,” he began, stating that morality is allergic to politics worldwide.

“Politicians quote God as they use butter on their bread at breakfast – just to sound righteous in their speeches and win their audience; this is the way they make scapegoats of the electorate.

“We all remember Obasanjo’s regime; he had many young politicians who were not on the same page with him and as a result he put them in his black book.”

Sighting Orji Uzor Kalu, Wabara, Professor Osuji, Ken Nnamani among others who did not support Obasanjo’s third term agenda, the clergy man said some of these men are still in political limbo and may not have voice again in Nigeria.

Hear him: “Obasanjo had no good relationship with the media – especially during his media chats; like President Trump of America, he rubbished gentlemen of the press when they asked him questions he didn’t like.

“Every Nigerian knows that he and his former Vice; Atiku Abubakar who is the current Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential flag bearer were like cats and dogs. This relationship reached a point of no forgiveness and it created a political road block for Atiku to reach his peak in politics.

“This same Obasanjo did not hide his feelings and told everyone his political grievances with Atiku. Maybe Atiku didn’t play his game well and became a victim – just like Ambode wasn’t a political “nice boy” to his Master, Bola Ahmed Tinubu: We all know what Ambode is facing now.”

Ukah recalled vividly that Obasanjo proclaimed he will never support Atiku’s political career again, but that tune has changed.

“It got to a point where Obasanjo told Nigerians that God will not forgive him if he supports Atiku in his political career.

Since that time, Atiku has been in a political limbo. He migrated from PDP to APC. The same master, Obasanjo dropped PDP by publicly tearing his Membership card.

“We saw his vendetta over PDP and only God knows what made him drop the party that brought him into the political limelight.

His name is in the annals of history, so what does he need again? He had several times shown Nigerians the party he supported.

He had written an open letter to Jonathan, endorsing Buhari’s political status and demeaning Jonathan who failed to recognise him as a godfather. His stance and opposition contributed to the loss of PDP’s power to APC.”

The cleric recalled Obasanjo’s open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari discrediting his administration after he again fell out with Buhari’s APC government which he had earlier convinced the whole world was Nigeria’s messiah.

“That is not all, as a smart politician, he tried to form a Coalition that would truncate the party that seems not to deliver. When party primaries took place, his former vice migrated back to PDP and won their Presidential ticket after a keen contest.

“Now the die is cast and we have Buhari squaring up against Atiku in 2019. Because the Buhari government failed to implement the elusive Change, restructuring and unity have become the new song of many Nigerians – a melody that has landed Atiku at the epicentre of political attraction. Whether the electorate believes him or not, 2019 will be the umpire.”

On Atiku’s recent visit to Obasanjo, Ukah wondered aloud if the master is using this “forgiveness” to regain political relevance.

“Atiku and the PDP discovered a need for political fence mending. The former needed a political nod from his ex boss to free him from political nuances of the past,

hence the widely publicised meeting with Obasanjo at Abeokuta with many delegates to beg for “forgiveness” to appease the Master who felt wounded without telling Nigerians Atiku’s real sins till date. He showered heavy endorsement encomiums on him against the incumbent President, Buhari.

“But is this forgiveness an unfinished business? Because politicians are into business and that is why Nigerians are in trouble. They mind their businesses and forget us.

If politicians have Nigeria at heart they would have stopped the influx of generators into our country, causing climate change and sabotaging efforts to stabilise power.

If politicians have the interest of Nigerians at heart they would have rallied to save Hauwa Leman, the ICRC worker executed a few days ago by Boko Haram because ransom was not paid at the stipulated time.

“Will the master galvanise people to vote for Atiku? Will this forgiveness convert the master to PDP and cease to be a political obstacle to him?

“Is the forgiveness merely political? Is the master using this forgiveness to regain political relevance? What becomes of his political Coalitions and Third force? Will this forgiveness continue to entrench the menace of godfatherism in Nigerian politics? Has it only a placebo effect? Time will tell! It will unfold as the elections approach.”

Asked if he is comfortable with the army of contestants for the 2019 presidential election, Monsgr Ukah said cautiously: “We are watching if a Moses will emerge to take Nigeria to the Promised Land.

With over 30 presidential aspirants aside Atiku Abubakar and Muhammadu Buhari, nobody can predict 2019 election, it is shrouded in mystery. Let Nigerians decide,” he enthused.

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