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2019 is Nigeria’s opportunity to free itself from cabal, Durotoye

The presidential candidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Mr. Fela Durotoye has advised Nigerian electorates to reason very well before casting their ballot in the coming poll, as it stands the opportunity they have not only to free themselves from the cabal that have taken hold of it but also give the nation a new lease of life.
Durotoye said the people must wake to understand that it is time they free themselves from deprivation, the poverty, the hunger, the preventable diseases and all other forms of hardship brought upon us by those who have ruled us and held us captive for so long.
The ANN presidential candidate who said these in a media chat with some select journalists in Lagos noted that he believes that this journey to a New Nigeria will be filled with Hope, Joy and Celebrations and at the upcoming elections, Nigerians would vote for their freedom and would vote for a party that is committed to their freedom, their happiness and their prosperity.
“This is why I am convinced that you and millions of people just like you and I, people who are unhappy and tired of living in a country where life is just so hard and nothing seems to be working; people who believe that we are blessed enough to be a better country than we are today; all of us will come out and vote overwhelmingly for the Alliance for New Nigeria Party (ANN), the party with the logo of a lion in the 2019 Elections.
“I am expectant and excited about the possibilities of a New Nigeria where there will be jobs and opportunities for all to prosper and enjoy good success. A New Nigeria with opportunities for all to pursue their happiness as they achieve great goals and lofty dreams. A New Nigeria where the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody because it is a Nigeria where things work for everyone.
“A Nigeria where everyone is able to find fulfilling work as they make things work. A nation where every citizen lives in peace and harmony in a society protected by friendly, well trained and equipped policemen who are respectful and respectable and who inspire a sense of safety and security in everyone.”
Speaking further on the freedom he wants for the nation, Durotioye said, “by freedom, I mean our freedom from the shackles of the cabals and a few people who have held us bound soon after independence.
“Freedom from the terror of armed robbers, kidnappers, herdsmen, militants and the harassment and extortion from security agents, freedom from the shackles of unemployment and career stagnation. Freedom for our students to pursue an academic career without strikes, freedom for every woman and every girl to maximise her full potential without any limitations to opportunities because of her gender.
“Freedom to pursue our business dreams without the oppression and suppression of government policies that have brought upon us economic stagnation and recession. Freedom to succeed in whatever part of the country we are in because we are Nigerians, without being marginalised or discriminated against by tribe or religion.”
Durotote who was accompanied to the media chat by the National chairman of the ANN, Mr Emmanuel Dania and the Director General of the ANN Presidential Campaign Organisation, Mr Lanre Oyegbola, said that the time has come for Nigerians to enthrone a government of nation builders that are committed to work for everyone and not just themselves, their families and their kinsmen.
“A government filled with true leaders and not rulers; leaders who value and respect the citizens that they are there to serve and to protect. Leaders who are committed to protecting the lives, property and prosperity of every citizen and will do all that is required to improve the quality of life and the standards of living of every Nigerian in all parts of our nation.
“A government that is committed to the values of Transparency, Integrity and Excellence as promoted by the Alliance for New Nigeria Party.
“A truly democratic government of the people and not the cabals, for the people and not the cabals and by the people and not the cabals. A government that is committed to reducing the cost of governance by eliminating wastage and eradicating the culture of corruption that has killed our potential to grow into one of the largest economies in the world,” he said. By Patrick Okohue

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