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2019: Demolishing our Secretariat will not save you, PDP tells APC

..Says APC stuck with unpopular presidential candidate

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has raised alarm over the recent onslaught from the ruling All Progressive Party (APC) to tame opposition, part of which was the recent demolition of its state Secretariat in Borno State.

PDP expressed its resolve to seek redress in court, adding that the ruling party had been putting pressure on the owner to quit PDP from the property but when the owner was not willing to play along, they decided to reduce the house to rumble under the guise that it does not conform with the laws of the state.

Addressing the press on Monday in Abuja, the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan alerted Nigerian and lovers of Democracy of this dangerous attack on perceived enemies of the government, insisting the party will be voted out in 2019 no matter the antics they deployed.

He said, “The APC, having realized that its chances of winning the 2019 elections get slimmer by the day and petrified by the popularity of the repositioned PDP across Nigeria, has now resorted to a vicious plot to physically attack our members and offices, as well as deploying force and orchestrated violence in an attempt to destabilize our structure across the country.

“As you may be aware, on Sunday January 21, 2018, the APC unleashed terror on the PDP by sending its agents under the instructions of the Borno state governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, to demolish the PDP secretariat along Dandal Way in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

“This horrendous, beastly and hateful act of desperation is a direct assault on our nation’s democracy, a gross effrontery against the provisions of the 1999 Constitution as amended, and further exposes the intensity of the fear and trepidation in the APC over the reawakened popularity of the PDP ahead of the 2019 elections.

“It is already in the public domain that the APC government in Borno state, for fear of the increasing popularity of the PDP, had mounted pressure on the owner of the building to eject our party, but frustrated by the refusal of the landlord, the governor issued a revocation of the Certificate of Occupancy on the property and immediately instructed the agents of his government to demolish a house belonging to a citizen without any authorization of a court of competent jurisdiction” he stated.

He also said that the PDP are already in court in Kebbi state, over attempt by the APC to pull down its secretariat in the state.

The party called on all lovers of democracy in Nigeria and across the world to condemn the callousness from a government that vainly prides itself as the product of a progressive party.

“Nigerians have not forgotten the political tension created by the APC in PDP strongholds in various states, including the recent attacks on our members, such as the attack on those holding a lawful meeting in Idanre, Ondo state.

“We know that the APC is already suffering from a pre-election fever because of the failures of the President Mohammadu Buhari-led government for which they will face an inevitable defeat in 2019.

“The unfortunate fact is that the APC is stuck with a demystified and poorly performed presidential candidate and is now afraid that the PDP is poised to present a more popular, nationally-oriented candidate who has compassion for the people and who also has the capacity and liberal-mindedness to urgently bring the nation out of the current APC inflicted national woes.

“However, we want to inform the APC that they are fighting a lost battle. Let it be known to all that the PDP under this new leadership will never be cowed. This country belongs to all of us and we are fully rallied across board to call up our members to avail themselves of all provisions available in a democracy and within the law to defend our nation’s democracy.

“While we have directed our Borno state chapter to immediately seek redress in the court of law, we shall explore all processes within a democracy to ensure that Governor Shetima rebuilds the house, and that his government is made to face the spirit and letters of the law” Ologbondiyan stated.

The party’s mouth piece in his clarifications said that the party had just renewed her rent on the property and carrying out renovation before the property was demolished.

He further said that the party will go for the seats of members of the National Assembly who defected from the PDP.

According to him, the party’s reconciliation committee will on Thursday meet with all the aspirants as part of its reconciliation process.

On the Anambra convention he reported that the party has upheld the congresses of the ward and local government and will organise fresh state congress.

Myke Uzendu, Abuja.

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