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2015 and America’s Breakup Theory

We are now in 2015 and I dare say that there will be nothing so special or tragic about the year, notwithstanding the feelings of imminent doom for Nigeria in certain quarters. There is what may be a premeditated conspiracy that has thrown up a great deal of speculations and predictions which seem to support the lie that Nigeria will breakup in 2015. With the inexorable sureness, some of us shall, definitely, witness the eventual passage of 2015, without Nigeria breaking up. Just as in previous years, 2015 merely represents the shape of the things to come, some of which have been projected in line with the traditional patterns of events and circumstances. One of such projections is the general elections scheduled for February, 2015.

The purported imminent collapse of Nigeria started having some monstrous connotations capable of giving fruition to things that would have, otherwise, been non-existent. The basis for such prediction is yet to be fully rationalised with facts and figures, except that it is a year in which the country’s next general elections will be held. As a matter of fact, there seems to be no basis for unnecessary apprehensions, irrespective of whatever contrary views the Americans had expressed.

Due to this unsubstantiated forecast, the mindset of most Nigerians have been, tragically, affected to the extent that some, by their utterances and negative posturing, seem truly convinced that the country is headed for destruction. When we point to possible conspiracy theory, our fears seem to have been validated by recent developments at international scenes regarding American government’s strange policies on Nigeria. Suddenly, America is no longer buying our crude oil.

The fight against Boko Haram does no longer appeal to the self-acclaimed champion of fight against international terrorism. Nigeria is now the butt of criticisms from high ranking American officials. Why should such recalcitrant posturing come from America at the twilight of the purported year of disintegration of Nigeria? At a critical period when the country needs collaboration in the fight against terrorism, we are confronted with total apathy, as if the sole intention is to ensure the actualisation of the mischievous forecast from America.

Unfortunately, some of us are dancing to the drumbeats of division and anarchy, as if we are bent on making the prediction a manifest reality. Good enough, predictions do not have the attributes of realities. It is usually speculations based on the interplay of certain possible variables, all of which may or may not translate to realities. In most cases, predictions into the future had turned out woeful failures to the utter disappointment of its peddlers. In the Nigerian case, there is not yet anything suggestive that the country’s requiem is about to be sung in 2015.

Nevertheless, there is need for precautionary measures in order to avert any disaster of whatever hue or coloration. The need for moderation and the pursuit of the common good should take precedence over selfish political goals. The politicians seem to have been infected with the American ‘virus’ of disintegration. Their approach to political matters is, to say the least, appalling. There is always a hint of desperation in their pursuit of political goals.

It will be wrong to assume that the American forecasters foresaw the current desperate quest for power by our politicians, and on that basis, predicted a possible break up of the country. It will equally be wrong to assume that our politicians are becoming, increasingly, careless and unmindful of the implications of their actions because their intention is to ensure the fragmentation of the country. I do not want to believe there are, indeed, hawks among us working assiduously to ensure that the American prediction for the country becomes a reality. I am, however, absolutely convinced that the breakup theory is an illusion.


*Published in the Daily Times newspaper dated Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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