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20,000 youths rally in support of Elechi

Over 20,000 youths on Monday staged a peaceful rally in support of Governor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State, warning against his removal from office.
The protesters who carried placards with various inscriptions such as ‘Elechi is man of peace’, ’Elechi has fulfilled all his electoral promises’, burning of Ebonyi State House of Assembly will not make someone governor’, ‘Ebonyi is not for sale’ among others, were guided by security operatives. The rally which commenced at the Abakaliki Township Stadium was attended by a mammoth crowd which caused heavy vehicular traffic along the old Enugu road. Members of various political parties including the PDP, Labour Party attended the rally. They expressed anger at the impeachment threat to the governor even as they resolved to support President Goodluck Jonathan.
Reading the protesters stand, spokesperson of the group; Leonard Igboke, said the recent political crisis in the state “borders on the ambition of one man to be governor and that particular ambition has been overstretched that all branches of mischief, lies, propaganda, vendetta, brigandage, scavenging, innuendoes, pyrotechnics, horse trading, buccannerring, Machiavellianism, cultism, killings, maiming, blackmailing and all known negative tendencies have been employed to achieve this ambition”. They described the impeachment plot and burning down of the State House of Assembly as a threat to peace in the state and country and called on the National Assembly, CLOs, international community and the Nigeria Bar Association to intervene on the matter.
The protesters assured President Jonathan of total support in the general election and called on him to also intervene. They said:“With the deliberate, well orchestrated burning of the state House of Assembly and the plot/threat of impeachment on the peoples’s governor, Chief Martin Elechi, Ebonyians now feel that what hitherto had looked like a joke is now assuming the dangerous dimension of being seen as a threat to the entire peace, unity and surviva of the state”.
“Why the impeachment? Why the accounts section? Whose vouchers are there, the Governor’s or the Speakers and his cohorts’? Why single out the offices of the Deputy Speaker and the Leader of the house, who are acolytes of the governor for burning?”, the queried. “We can no longer seat with our hands akimbo and watch while some selfish politicians who never knew the bitter days and years of the struggle to scuttle our collective aspirations, and destroy the hard earned reputation of our able distinguished Executive Governor”.
“Our stand for Jonathan’s reelection is 100% and unequivocal but on the governorship, an Ebonyi man will be elected by Ebonyi People based on human merits and expectations of the people. We know what we want” the added. One of the speakers, Dr. Mike Okoro, said: “Should the planned impeachment of the Governor, who has been described as one of the most responsible among his peers, go through, then something is wrong with Nigeria”.

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