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Love meets art in Simi’s ‘love don’t care’ video

Signed to X3M Music label, Simi’s meteoric rise in the industry emphasises the label’s reputation in building music superstars.

Again, Simi wows her fans with her artistic talents in the new music video of ‘Love Don’t Care’. Released this year, on Valentine’s Day precisely, the love ballad speaks of a love that soars above tribal and social prejudices. Since its release, the ballad has received massive airplays due to its compelling narrative and beautiful harmony of the traditional instrumentals.
Known for her comedic storytelling lines with evocative messages, Simi showcased her artistic taste in this video. The use of space and African prints in the video perfectly balances the folktale imagery of the song.
The video starts with Simi lying on a bed. Another character playing her mother is also seated on the bed making a call while Simi beautifully sings. The video follows similar narratives, carefully making the characters glued to their part without direct communication with the singer. The video ends with Simi returning to her bed.
Simi also dazzled her fans with her ballet dance steps, proving once more that she is multi-talented.
Directed by Clarence Peters, the video is subtly embellished with iconic images of Nigeria’s history, reminding us that in our diversity lies our unity.

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