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High Society Marriages that have bitten the dust

Thousands of marriages break up every year, not a sweet fact though. They start out great, but something happens along the way. It could be almost immediately that the signs begin to show, that one or both mates are unhappy or it could even take years before the cracks start to appear. Money, careers and egos are often behind these break ups. But whatever the reason for the split, it is never easy when a marriage supposedly consummated on the altar of love comes to an end because whether you like it or not, your whole world can turn upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling feelings. But a few personalities have managed to end theirs, albeit, without the attendant noise and hullaballoo that is associated with high profile unions on this side of the divide. One other thing these few have in common? They all come from well heeled families.




Funke Fowler and Abii Kuku: Described in several quarters as a lady of style, Funke who runs Leila Fowler boutique is the only daughter of Babatunde Fowler, Chairman of Lagos State Board on Internal revenue, who  recently got enmeshed in a resignation drama over his supposed gubernatorial ambition in the centre of excellence. Tunde himself who comes from a good pedigree is the only son of Leila Fowler, the successful educationist who runs Vivian Fowler Memorial College for girls in Lagos. Funke’s superlative wedding in 2011 to Abi Kuku, son of eminent businessman and Ogbeni Oja of Ijebuland, Chief Adebayo Kuku, went down in history as one of the most extravagant weddings of the year going by what was spent to give the couple a befitting wedding fit for prince and princess. The wedding which took place in two continents was a sheer display of affluence. Well, less than three years after the wedding was consummated, the union has unfortunately crumbled like a pack of badly arranged cards. While some have alleged, physical abuse as the reason for the disintegration, many opine that it was simply ego between the two strong families at work. But theirs was devoid of any mudslinging in the public space.


Funke Fowler and Abii Kuku


Mohammed Babangida and Umma Wali: While Umma is the lovely daughter of Ambassador Aminu Wali, a one-time Nigeria’s ambassador to China, Mohammed is the polo-lover and scion of the Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida dynasty. Even though Umma was his very true and first love, time and circumstances made him end up getting married to Rahama Indimi, daughter of billionaire businessman, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi. However, his marriage to Rahama didn’t not in any way diminish his love for Umma whom he still craved for and did everything within his power to get under his roof legally. His wishes soon came true when four years into his marriage, he announced his decision to take her as his second wife. Naturally, the Babangidas stopped at nothing to make the marriage a grand affair. Unfortunately, the marriage like most silver spoon marriages, has crashed and Mohammed is now back into the arms of Rahama his first wife, while Umma is bracing up for life after Mohammed. The good thing about the dissolution? It isn’t a topic for public discourse, at least not yet.

Umma Wali           Mohammed Babangida


Bimbo Okoya and Urey: Beautiful and leggy Bimbo is one of the daughters of business mogul and owner of Eleganzer Group of Companies, Alhaji Razaq Akanni Okoya but the first from one of his estranged wives, Ajoke who now hibernates in Abuja after her messy divorce from the billionaire a few years ago. A tough cookie who gives socializing a wide berth quite unlike her numerous siblings, Bimbo is the Chief Executive officer of AOMS Marketing Solutions, a subsidiary of her father’s vast business empire. A few years ago, she got married to her Liberian lover, Urey, a successful businessman, in a display of extreme affluence typical of an Okoya party. It held at the sprawling Oluwanisola Estate of the billionaire. Unfortunately, the spark that she thought marriage would bring once she gets into it, failed to happen for her. Again, stories of infidelity is being bandied around as one of the reasons she chose to leave the union even though her husband is said to still love her dearly, regardless of any wrongdoing.



Folake and Folorunsho Coker: Besides the fact that she runs Tiffany Amber, a fashion label she started about 15 years ago, her father, Chief Bode Akindele isn’t just a rich businessman, he represents old money. The stupendously wealthy man is the Parakoyi of Ibadan land. Folake’s estranged husband, Folorunsho is no push over as well when it comes to influence and liquidity. Of an enviable pedigree, his father and Lagos high chief, Folarin Coker also known as Baba Eto of Lagos, who is a nonagenarian, is a longstanding socialite of no mean repute. Fondly called Folly, Folorunsho himself who has his hands in several pies is the Special Adviser to the Governor on Central Business District (CBD). He was before his appointment, the Managing Director of Lagos State Number Plate Production Authority. nNo one can say exactly when things went awry leading to a separation but after allegations and counter allegations of infidelity on both parties, they decided to end their union quietly, away from the public space. In fact, up till today, not many are aware that their union has since ended. It was the first for Folake and the second for Folly who has since remarried.

Folake Folarin       Folorunsho Coker


Tundun Abiola and Atamah Attah: Theirs was a marriage supposedly made in heaven until it fell apart like a pack of badly arranged cards just four years after it was consummated at an impressive ceremony in London.  Tundun who is a trained lawyer and who cut her teeth in the legal profession by working at the FRA Williams chambers before going on to work with Senator Gbemi Saraki as her legislative assistant was said to have been very unhappy with her marriage and tried her possible best to make it work. She eventually moved on and concentrating on her job as the Senior Special Assistant on Economics, to the governor of Ogun State. Both have two children. Her ex, Atamah equally moved on and even remarried last year to Josephine Washima, President Goodluck Jonathan’s Special Adviser on Job Creation, in a low key ceremony. Unfortunately the union couldn’t make it to the one year mark as both parties have since gone their separate ways

Tundun Abiola (left)              Atama Attah


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